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Hills Built in Robes - what style do you like?

With over 20 years experience we can advise and arrange installation on a full range of sliding door robes and interiors.
Huge range of finishes and styles now available

Bring in the measurements of height and width of your wall,  and we'll personalize a robe for you.

Huge Selection of Doors

wardrobeSliding Wardrobes, Glass Wardrobes, Foil Wrapped Wardrobes & Laminated Wardrobes

Tired of all the clutter and chaos in your life? Of not being able to find something to wear when you need it – or of having to iron clothes twice because they weren’t hung up properly?

A Hills built-in or walk-in robe will solve all your storage problems and give your home more living space. We specialise in creating the best sliding wardrobes for your home to help you get the most out of your space.

Our flexible modular designs mean that you can tailor your robe to suit your needs perfectly.

There are full length hangers for dresses and coats, half length for shirts and trousers, adjustable shelving, pigeon hole boxes, shoe racks, drawers and more. Inspect the variety of storage solutions Hills can offer.

Just tell us what you need and we’ll custom build you a walk-in or built-in robe in a range of finishes – natural timber, foil-wrapped, glass or laminate.

Feel free to contact our friendly staff about the wardrobe that you'd like as we have a range of sliding wardrobes for the best storage options.

Hills range of wardrobe finishes

Sleek Smooth Glass
The stylish, contemporary finish of these painted glass robes makes them suitable for other areas of your home such as a hallway, laundry or pantry.

Made from tough glass, the doors are painted on the inside surface in virtually any colour or shade imaginable to fit in with your décor.

Every Hills robe is made to our quality standards and guaranteed.

Elegant Colours & Textures
Designed to blend perfectly with your existing décor, these robes are available in almost any colour you choose.

The foil-wrapped doors and panels also feature a routed pattern unique to each customer – choose from simple edging, to more complex designs, or keep them plain. It’s up to you.

Every Hills robe is made to our quality standards and guaranteed.

Robes are available in a wide variety of finishes.

Affordable Durable Laminates
Strong and easy to clean, these robes are perfect for high-wear areas of your home such as children’s rooms, laundries or spare rooms.

The tough, durable laminates are available in antique white, white, grey, almond ivory, Baltic pine, cherry, beach, mahogany, or jarrah.

Every Hills robe is made to our quality standards and guaranteed.

Hills also offers a wide variety of routing patterns to complement your robe finish.


Tips and solutions

  • mirror panels not only create the impression of space in a smaller room, but eliminate the need for a free-standing mirror elsewhere in the bedroom.
  • when calculating how much wardrobe space you’ll need allow about 3cm of hanging space between items to avoid creasing.
  • adjustable shelves allow you store longer items when you need to – such as winter coats during summer.
  • shoe racks – keep pairs together and easy to find in a hurry.
  • vary your drawer depths – deep drawers for bulky items, shallow ones for ties or undies.

Modular Design lets you tailor a solution to meet your storage needs.


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